The Dawson Community Empowerment Center

The Dawson Community Empowerment Center is a separate 501C3 non-profit organization that supports the local community by providing a variety of social services that provide resources and empowerment to its citizens. The Mission of the Dawson Community Empowerment Center (DCEC) is to empower the local community by helping to support people that support people.. The DCEC accomplishes its mission through a host of programs and services such as:

  1.   180 Degrees Youth Mentorship & Education Program

  2.   Fit for Life (Exercise and training aids, run/walk clubs, workout routines such as Zumba etc)

  3.   Recreation (Parks, sporting events, etc)

  4.   Food Pantry – Providing food and support to indigent, homeless or individuals experiencing short term crisis situations.  


The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box is a casual and delectable lunch café where patrons enjoy an atmosphere that is vibrant, clean and hospitable. The Lunch Box is a café open to the general public which serves a range of tasty quick serve menu items such as the infamous “BOSS”, which is a specialty 100% Black Angus beef burger for BIG APPETITIES, fish and chicken, soups, salads, etc. The Lunch Box also serves healthy choice menu items for the health conscious customer. We look forward to meeting you at The Lunch Box!

The Industry Center

The Industry Center is a commercial office and warehouse property owned and operated by ALHC that leases units to individuals and companies in need of warehouse facilities, small or large office units.   

The Forum

The purpose of The Forum is to empower world changers. The Forum is an environment where Christian leaders and individuals of impact engage social, political, financial and economic concerns that affect our community from a Christian perspective. The Forum engages Christian perspectives on key issues and developments impacting society, as well as to give Christian leaders support and perspective surrounding critical issues and developments.

  1. The Forum creates an engaging learning environment where leaders and individuals of impact address issues and concerns that impact their faith and approach to business, politics, education, economic concerns, etc from a biblical perspective.

  2. The Forum creates an enriching environment by hosting guess speakers from various arenas such as corporate, political, academic, public   office, professional athletic, medical and spiritual arenas offering Christian perspectives surrounding various subject matters, special interest or concerns.

  3. The Forum is engaging, informative, inspiring and empowering for the church, the community and society in general.

  4. Believers are able to engage professional points of view, build strategic relationships and networks, as well as be empowered to face real world issues with a Christ-like approach. The Forum is open to the public.

The Mission of Abundant Life Harvest Center is to be a dynamic ministry that presents salvation and empowered living through the Word of God for real world experiences.

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