Byron and Nicole Dawson are the Senior Leaders and executive founders of the Abundant Life Harvest Center Ministries Inc. The Leaders pride their life, ministry and purpose on faith, family and empowerment. They are the very proud parents of five wonderful children; Raven, Justin, Chariti, Dalton and Christian. The senior pastors consider their family, marriage and friendship to each other as the cornerstones of their purpose. Byron and Nicole pride their ministry approach on being simplistic, practical, relevant and applicable. To the body of Christ they bring a wholesome and relatable message of empowerment, inspiration and accountability allowing those connected to them to maximize growth and purpose. In a unique demonstration of partnership, and reality, the couple commonly delivers engaging interactive messages together. This approach allows their audience to benefit from receiving the word of God from a real and relatable perspective. The leader’s interaction with each other while delivering the word as well as in general is both inspiring and infectious. 

The pastors are both business management majors, with Pastor Byron receiving his bachelors from The College of Coastal Ga. and Nicole receiving her bachelors from Ga. State University. The pastors both continued their education with Pastor Nicole receiving her Law Degree from The University of Ga., while Pastor Byron is completed his MBA from Walden University. Byron’s studies in global business have taken him from Washington D.C. to Shanghai and Beijing China. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Management degree with a focus on leadership and organizational change. Byron and Nicole have endeavored to leverage their education and experience to enrich the lives of people and community for Christ. With business and corporate backgrounds, the couple has constructed a uniquely successful approach to ministry integrating business and corporate know-how with the core spiritual principles of ministry. This unique mix of business and spiritual truth has allowed the couple to present a ministry that is cutting edge, relevant and prepared to minister to the end-time era.  Along with other ventures, the pastors also manage and operate a church management strategies consultation firm where they consult with ministries and leaders on implementing effective ministry strategies. Pastor Byron has authored

two books, “A New Me” published in 2007, and most recently, “Reinvented” published by Tate Publishing in 2013.

In their spare time the leader’s enjoyments range from simply spending time together engaging in wholesome conversation, enjoying movie and dates with each other, spending quality time with their children as well as their extended family and close friends. Some of their hobbies are reading, attending sporting events and golf. They also enjoy broadening their horizon through casual traveling. Some of their special interests are writing, reading inspirational and educational material, politics, law, business and economics.  

Seeing people’s lives changed and empowered through Christ is and will always be the chief motivation of their ministry. The Pastor’s have endeavored to develop a ministry that teaches the word of God with simplistic truth, as well as teaching opportunistic approaches to life development. It is their joy and fulfillment to see each individual they encounter grow to maximize their personal purpose and thereby live and abundant life in Christ.

“Come by and see us some time. We would be really glad to have you” ~ Byron & Nicole Dawson         

The Mission of Abundant Life Harvest Center is to be a dynamic ministry that presents salvation and empowered living through the Word of God for real world experiences.

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